Most times when we have low level infections (like a cold) our body has already killed the foreign agent but continues to over-heat, sneeze and produce mucous to ensure the body is clear. Wouldn’t it be great to avoid getting sick, to go through lives enjoying the time we have alive? One of the things I personally noticed once I started seeing a Chiropractor regularly was a reduction in colds. During university I met a range of other students who, through Chiropractic, had a dissipation of problems such: as acid reflux, IBS, eczema, migraines, reduced period pains …. and of course back pain. How does it happen? Why doesn’t it happen the same for everyone?



How do we get sick?

Before getting into how symptoms go away its better to start with understanding how they start. All illnesses we experience due to viruses or bacteria (such as colds and infections) can be stopped by the body.

Every single day we are bombarded with infections coming from everywhere; these are a good thing, they challenge our immune system so that it has to adapt and develop new remedies (antibodies and antigens) to fight the incoming attack! We need this continual attack to develop a healthy immune system.

“Think of the immune system like an athlete, it needs lots of exercise to get bigger and stronger, if it was never challenged it wouldn’t be as strong and ready for all situations and we would be more susceptible to becoming sick”

When the infection enters our body our cells detect it, they then send information through the blood and tissue that there is a foreign invader and to get backup. The other cells (known as phagocytes) come in and kill the dangerous cell. This happens every day, even with cancerous cells that our body produces accidentally! The body identifies the problems and removes it without us ever knowing.

For this is happen we need to have a healthy communication system in the body so that the messages can be relayed properly. The communication system is known as the central nervous system (CNS), most of which travels through the central part of the spine.

“The central nervous system is similar to an electrical system connecting all parts of the body”

The brain is the main power source, the CNS is the wires travelling through our walls, and the nerves that exit the spine are the cables coming from the sockets. If one of those cables are damaged it stops a specific part working, but if there is damage in the brain or spine (the main power and wires), then it can affect things throughout the whole body. A misalignment in the spine causing a change in function is known as a subluxation. This is a breakdown in our body’s communication system.

At the top of the spine is an area called the atlas, this is where all nerves from the brain pass into the spine. If there is a subluxation here this can have a vast array of effects.


How does this make me sick?

If your body doesn’t communicate efficiently then it may take longer for a response to foreign pathogens or the response may not be adequate, giving it more time to grow and make you sick. Chiropractic doesn’t claim to cure these illnesses; it gives your body the healthiest state possible so that it can have an immune system working closer to its full potential.


Does this mean I’ll never get sick?

Chiropractic adjustments help the body work better but it still comes down to each individual person’s immune system as to how well they will fight infections. As with our fingerprints, eye colour and DNA, our immune systems potential is individual to each of us. Some clients have better immunity and will adapt better, however some will have more challenges. To ensure the best chance we must also be pro-active in our health, making sure to eat well, exercise regularly and address stresses in our lives. If we allow stress, depression and anger to go unregulated they will confuse our internal communication system. Taking back control of our mental state will lead to improved health and happiness.


Call us today to have yourself checked and see how we can help become a healthier version of yourself than you thought possible.




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