In Singapore it seems like in we’re practically falling over chiropractors wherever we go.
singapore-988213_1920They serve an important role in the city and neighbourhoods, to help people to balance out their lives, deal with pain, improve stress levels and improve their general health.

However, with so many out there how do you choose? What are some key things to look for? What will happen? How can I get the best out of Chiropractic?


Below are tips and things to know so you can pick the best person for you and your family:


  1. Check Qualifications

It may sound obvious, but make sure they are a properly qualified Chiropractor. Chiropractic isn’t taught at Singapore universities so check where they received their accreditation and if they are a member of a Professional board in that country. The MoM checks Chiropractors that apply to work in Singapore, but it’s always good to check for your own peace of mind!


  1. Check their location

Again it sounds obvious, but it’s important to be practical and find a Chiropractor that you can get to easily. Depending on your condition, you may need to visit the doctor more often. If they are too far from your home or work then you won’t be able take full advantage of their care, which doesn’t help your health!


  1. Find somebody you like

Whether it’s a Chiropractor, a personal trainer or even a dentist, it is important that you get along with them and feel comfortable with them. Healing in any form requires a level of trust between the doctor and practice member, when we are with people we feel uncomfortable around we start to retreat. Your doctor should be someone you can be honest and open with so you can work together to improve your life.


  1. Check what happens on your first visit

An initial consultation with a chiropractor consists of a comprehensive history and a full physical examination including neurological and chiropractic tests. The purpose of this exam is to find out whether or not you have nerve interference (Subluxations) that are interfering with your body’s ability to adapt, repair and regenerate. If you have nerve interference then your chiropractor will be able to help, if not then they will do everything in their power to refer you to someone who can.

If they do not ask about yourself or do any tests, then there is the chance they may miss a key element in your case.


  1. Will they take x-rays?

Chiropractic does NOT require X-rays to be taken as standard. Some Chiropractors may ask you for an X-ray of your spine or other body parts because they can be useful to detect the presence of fractures (such as if you have had an injury) or to help with the Chiropractors adjusting technique.

Be wary of Chiropractors sending for x-rays before meeting with you, or if you feel the views are unnecessary. If you feel unsure, it’s best to ask the doctor “What is the purpose of this X-ray?”, so they can clarify the need. Also determine the cost of the X-ray, if the prices seem high then you can opt for a different clinic to take them; remember it is YOUR choice and YOUR right to choose.


  1. Will I get an adjustment on the first visit?

This depends on what is found in your initial examination. If no x-rays or other scans are required then you may be able to be adjusted then and there. Your chiropractor will make an informed decision on whether this is possible during your initial consultation.


  1. What is the popping sound?

When you get adjusted you may hear and feel a popping sound in the joints the doctor contacts. This is completely normal and of no concern. This is gas escaping from the joint, similar to when people crack their knuckles. The chemistry is also the same as when someone opens a bottle of champagne and the gas escaping make a pop sound!


  1. Make sure they have the proper focus

Find a Chiropractor that believes in care for all ages (from babies to the elderly) and that aims to improve your health in all areas, rather than just pain reduction. Although you may be in discomfort now, it is vital that your doctor is looking beyond the pain and seeing the bigger picture of your health.


  1. Ask yourself why you’re coming in for a visit

In every healing art, including chiropractic, there are conventional, quick fix health care providers. However, choose a Chiropractor who understands that a quick fix is not enough to help you be your best and make sure you don’t have recurring or larger problems in the future.


  1. Expect to feel great!

The true focus of chiropractic is not about the relief of symptoms, but helping a person’s NeuroSpinal system maximize its efficiency and communicate properly. This improves organization so that the body heals better, functions better, is more flexible and more adaptable, and helps coordinate being healthy through all parts of life. Chiropractic care helps to remove interference in the nervous system so the body can heal better. Whether you have symptoms or not, it is logical that the body is better off without interference than it is with interference.


If you have any concerns, ask your local chiropractor or feel free to contact me personally!


Dr Shaan practices at Light Chiropractic ( Dr Shaan is a Vitalistic Chiropractor practicing Upper Cervical Care. His clients do not require X-rays as standard and he believes in finding the long term cause of health issues, rather than treating the short term symptoms. Contact +65 6909 0713 now for a consultation.



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