More and more people are starting to realise that the old medical method of taking medication and painkillers isn’t working! Many people will have a problem and visit the GP, the GP gives them a piece of paper with a prescribed medication (without taking even ONE test) and they take the medication for hoping the pain goes away. People think the pain is gone so the problem is fixed, however this isn’t true.

“Judging if we are healthy or not based on the presence of pain is not a good indicator”


For the readers out there that are not entirely sure how the body’s basic pain perception system works, here is a quick summary. Our body is an extremely smart system made up of parts working together in a constantly adapting world; nothing is smarter than our own bodies! It is constantly regenerating and regulating in perfect harmony. When we talk about symptoms, there is a widespread misunderstanding about what pain actually is.

“The reason we experience pain or discomfort is our bodies way of speaking to us to warn and protect us from danger!” 

This doesn’t mean that every time we feel discomfort or other symptoms that there is a serious problem going on, however it does show that something isn’t working properly, especially if the problems are persistent or recurring. This shows the body isn’t fully healing itself, so there must be a good reason why the issue keeps coming back over and over again. Think of the body like an orchestra, if one of the musicians isn’t in tune then the music will continue but it won’t be quite right. This dysfunction leads to the body screaming out to us to change.

The problem with taking medication (pain killers especially) for this kind of problem is that it doesn’t deal with the cause of the problem. The body can’t feel the damage being done to it so can now do more damage. This leads to people needing stronger medication, which their body starts to build a resistance to. This is a negligent way to treat disease, it does NOT try to improve health. This is the basis of ‘sick care’, compared to Chiropractors who try to inspire better health through true ‘health care’.


If we pay attention to the signals our body sends us there is only one outcome: a healthy body working to its best ability. Anything that interferes with the body will produce changes and side effects. Here are some tips for maintaining good health, and not just back pain:

  1. Move well – keeping active, exercise and staying flexible prevent us from getting stiff, adding mechanical stress to our body. This is not just about muscles or weight loss, studies prove that exercises improves our balance, our mood and how our brain works.
  2. Eat well – the food we take in becomes the building blocks for our body, if the quality of those blocks isn’t good then it affects our recovery and our health. Building your house from good bricks compared to poor quality ones seems common knowledge, this should be the same for our bodies.
  3. Think well – ever heard the quote, “I think therefore I am”? This rings true with our health, the positive thoughts we enforce into all parts of our life will translate to improvements in our health, but negative thoughts will cloud our mind and prevent it from healing and recovering properly. This doesn’t mean that we must always be happy and bubbly as this form of hiding can cause internal anguish, it can be better to instead try to be aware of how we are feeling and why we are feeling that way. Dealing with these internal and external conflicts will result in a nervous system under less stress.

Hopefully this should make it clear that health is not merely the absence of disease but a way of our body working to its potential.

“The disease is also the cure. The solution and the problem are one and the same”

The pains and aches we feel are not actually bad but are signs of our body informing us of issues we need to address, and that we should try to prevent problems starting instead of waiting for symptoms. The pain we feel impacts our life but acts as an important beacon to seek assistance.


How can Chiropractic help?

Chiropractors find the root cause of your problem not merely treat the symptoms. We perform a detailed history, physical exam and explain the problem to you so we can help you take back control of your health.


Call us today to find out how we can help you find the cause of your problems instead of masking them with painkillers.

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