You may have heard about it, read about it or noticed articles on your Facebook feed. Right now Bulletproof coffee is all the rage. But what is it? Is it healthy?


What is it?

Bulletproof coffee is a concoction that has been popularised by Dave Asprey (creator of the company Bulletproof Coffee) where you mix black coffee with butter and MCT oil. This is actually not a new idea, for many years people have added fats such as butter to their coffee. Some did it to raise calories when needed, and others have done it to adopt a higher fat diet.


But isn’t fat bad for us?

Fat has long been seen as the enemy in terms of weight loss and health, however in recent years there has been a paradigm shift in the view of fat.

“Fat has gone from being the ugly duckling to the bell of the ball due to diets such as Atkins and Ketogenic”

The research supports this shift away from carbohydrates towards fats. Previously carbohydrates were seen to be what should be the main constituent of our diets, but this was partly due to a misunderstanding in the science and political lobbying. Carbohydrates (such as rice, potatoes and fruits) are needed as the muscles use them for energy. However, if we have a more sedentary lifestyle then they aren’t needed  in large amounts. Fat is a healthy way to replace them as it can be used for energy instead.

“When we have excessive carbohydrates in our diet and don’t exercise enough to balance it out it can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems”

Excess carbohydrates can also have an inflammatory effect in the body, especially in unhealthy forms like sugar, flour and processed foods.

High fat diets replace the carbohydrates while giving healthy benefits, such as:

  • aiding weight loss
  • regulating hormone production
  • extra energy

Fat should be in the form of unsaturated fats and moderate amounts of saturated animal fat. The main thing to avoid is trans-fats at all costs as they negatively impact health. High fat diets have been utilised in medicine for diabetes, cirrhosis and depression as forms of treatment.


What do I need?

The main ingredients are:

  1. Coffee (The type of coffee really is up to you, this can be instant, hot/cold, dripped, French press, espresso…..the choices go on and on!)
  2. MCT Oil (such as found in coconut oil)
  3. Butter (preferably grass fed, organic and non-salted as this can affect the taste)


How do I make it?

If you try making a coffee and spooning the fats in after there is a good chance it will sit on the top like oil on water. The best way is to put the coffee in a blender and add the fat and butter. Blend until they are mixed well and may even taste a little frothy! If you don’t have a blender, or want to avoid the washing, you can do the same by adding the ingredients to an empty jar, putting the lid on and giving it a good shake until its all mixed together.


My recipe?

Personally I’m a big coffee fan so I opt for espresso mixed coconut oil and grass-fed Kerry Gold butter. If I want something richer in taste I may opt for coconut cream instead of the oil, creating a milkier taste, similar to a latte.


What if I not a coffee fan?

If black coffee and fat doesn’t appeal then you can spice it up with natural flavours such as cinnamon, vanilla extract, cacao powder, cardamom, nutmeg or even turmeric!

If its still too much then adding the butter and oil to other meals or cooking with them is still a great way to incorporate them in your diet. Cooking with these oils is much healthier than vegetable oils or olive oil, as when these oils reach smoke point they produce oxidation products (vegetable oil) and trans fats (olive oil).


Call in today for more health advice and to find out how Chiropractic (mixed with bulletproof coffees) can lead to better health.



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