In recent years, the number of D-cup bras sold has increased, and now accounts for a quarter of all bra sales. Interestingly, we’ve also seen a similar increase in the number of female clients presenting neck and upper back pain; and it’s not hard to see a link between the two.


How do large breasts affect the neck and back?

According to research, breast cup sizes D and above can cause neck and upper back pain by altering the curvature of the spine, and having a negative impact on posture.

Large breasts usually cause a significant shift in the centre of gravity, resulting in a number of effects on the spine.  This puts huge pressure on the nervous system, and over time can cause long term back and neck problems.  This initially presents as nagging neck or back pain, but over time may lead to more serious spinal complications and nerve problems such as a ‘pinched nerve’ or ‘slipped disc’. The nerves travelling to the organs can also be affected, suppressing their function and even depressing the immune system!

“During a pregnancy there is also an increase in the breast size. The body is already working overtime to nurture and grow the baby, and this adds an extra strain onto the mother”



What exactly happens to me?

  1. Shifting of the centre of gravity
  2. Postural adaptations (such as protruding chest and increased back curve)
  3. Pressure increases on the nerves
  4. Symptoms start

It’s important to note that symptoms are NOT the time to seek help as this means the nerves have already been under pressure and damaged for a long time. When there is a change in the posture (before pain) then it is still important to take action to keep the body and nerves health.


Effect of stress

This change in the body can make women more self-conscious. This can be due to other women are judging them or even that they are being leered at by men. This adds a mental stress that would otherwise not be there. When we have mental stresses they cause the brain to work inefficiently, and when the brain isn’t efficient then the important processes that occur every day will be at a slowed rate; such as digestion or immune response. It can also lead to other stresses, such as poor posture or eating badly, as the brain is too preoccupied with the stressor to consciously take care of us; therefore it is very important to also address any associated mental/social stresses this presents.


How can Chiropractic help?

Our role as Chiropractors is to support our female clients through all of life’s stages.  By relieving tension on the nerves and educating ladies on the importance of properly functioning spine, we provide our clients with reduced pain and healthier and better functioning body.


If you suffer from neck or upper back pain caused by large breasts, help is available. Book a consultation now.


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