Back pain due to poor posture is an increasing pandemic, affecting how well your body works, especially here in Singapore. The increase in desk jobs, looking down at phones, longer hours of studying and decreases in exercise have led to our backs curving forward, but our bodies aren’t made to resemble a turtle! We are made to move freely in all directions. What do we need to know about posture?


#1 Your neck could be carrying two heads

The average adult head weighs around 5kg (10lbs). When your head moves forward it changes the mechanics causing more work for our neck. For every inch the head moves forward it is equivalent to an additional 5kg of work of your neck!

#2 It affects your mood

When we have poor posture it irritates your nervous system, which can cause discomfort and pain, or even affect your strength. These factors can weigh on your mind causing depression or bad moods. The pressure on your nervous system can stimulate your brain in the wrong way, affecting how your brain and body communicate.


#3 It can be caused due to stress

When you are stressed, such as due to increased work or arguments with loved ones, it can lead you to focus too much on those issues. As we focus less on our bodies we start to neglect how we move and our posture starts to deteriorate. This stress can cloud your mind, preventing your brain from subconsciously regulating a healthy posture.


#4 It affects more than your spine

The spine is where the nerves of the body are ordered and distributed to the body, but if the nerves are pinched in the spine it will affect the body parts that those nerves travel to! When the neck is affected this can cause headaches or symptoms into the shoulder, arm, hand and fingers. When the low back, or lumbar spine, is affected this can cause low back pain and symptoms into the buttock, leg, ankle and toes. These symptoms include tingling, numbness, weakness, stiffness, cramps and PAIN.


#5 It may be due to only one bone in the top of the spine

At the top of our spines is a bone called C1. This is where the brain connects to your spine, if the bone is misaligned it may put pressure on the spinal cord, interfering with the messages to your whole body, including those that regulate your posture!


#6 It can change the shape of our bones

If we maintain a poor posture for months and years it will increase the pressure on our bones, much like a building with poor foundations. To prevent your body breaking or fracturing, it changes the shape of the bones to make them stronger for the future. This is a loving act by your body to protect you, but this adaptation can result in pain. 

#7 Chiropractic can help!

Chiropractors strive to find the root cause of your problems and bad posture, then to provide adjustments and lifestyle advice to improve it. By improving how your spine and nervous system function we can remove the interference and express ourselves as well as physically possible!


Call us today to see how we can unleash the best version of you.

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